Pearl’s Hill Located at the City

Pearl’s Hill is the small mount Stamford in Singapore at the Chinatown vicinity. Among the few city hills that survived in Singapore, it is among them and widely known since it was multiple former sites in notable buildings institutions like the hospital in Tan Tock Seng, in Pearl’s hill prison, and Seaman’s hospital. Pearl’s Prison i also located near the hill since it had proximity towards Sepoy lines since its aim was providing security and protection for prisoners. The development is located at One Pearl Bank which is the former Pearl Bank Apartments at Outram MRT Station.

Pearl’s Hill Located in the Heart of the City

The Pearl’s hill has a city park which is the tranquility and peace hidden oasis. It is building towards the hilltop reservoir, that park is a very high place where you may take some brief after a bustling and hustling day.

All visitors that tours the park can be able to enjoy great wooden ambiance which the matured Tembusu trees provide as they bask towards the park’s serenity. Optionally, there is a pond you can view as you admire its beautiful lotus plant which offers brilliant colors splash during full bloom towards the still waters of the pond. The city park in Pearl’s Hill is situated behind the MRT Outram pack station, which you can access it from Pearl Bank, Pearl’s hill road, Pearl’s hill Terrance, and Swee Chin Road.

Pearl’s Hill British Colony Located at Pearl’s Hill Top

The captain Pearl had retired in 1828 to England where his agents sold the hill to the hands of the British government. Pearl’s name was still associated with the hill, so it was not easy to be changed. Pearl’s hill was very high compared to Fort Canning hill where the British colonial engineers came with the decision of having coolies shave at the Pearls hill’s top, so they had lowered the hill’s peak to make sure their enemies were not able to use that hill when they attack them concerning the built Fort Canning.

Pearl’s Hill Reservoir Service

Service reservoir of pearl’s hill was mooted in 1897 where additional storage capacity was provided with increased water pressure. In 1902, some details described the project in newspaper reports that highlighted fast growth at water demand. In two years, the project demand had rapidly increased. After the project was completed, some concerns reports were available on the newspapers concerning the quality of construction, leakages, and the stability of the hill’s reservoir. The pearl’s hilltop reservoir structure was not built into the sunken hill compared to fort canning reservoir which seemed to have been the cause of the concerns of the people.

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