One Pearl Bank Showflat is NOT located at the actual site. The core city centre happens to be amongst the most In-demand areas for young families and is going to be open shortly. The layouts of One Pearl Bank have been designed elegantly with remarkable landscaping and architecture and they help to maximize efficiency as well as usability when it comes to using the space.

Direct Developer Discounts at One Pearl Bank Showflat

Allow us to serve you personally and provide you with Direct Developer Discount and non-obligation consultation free of charge regarding your finances for helping you understand your footings better. The strategic geographical position of One Pearl Bank by Capitaland along with a variety of top-quality amenities, closeness to eateries, educational institutions, and shopping malls help to make it an ideal place to have a dream abode for many individuals. It will definitely improve the quality of life of the residents right here providing a fantastic balance of indulgence and wellness.

Register for Showflat Viewing at One Pearl Bank

Make it a point to register with us as early as possible so as to reserve the appointment for viewing One Pearl Bank Exclusive VVIP Showflat so that you will be able to feel the luxurious finishing provided by the developer after lots of planning whatsoever. We’re going to entitle the registered parties to live updates of our company’s development movement as well as to the Direct Developer Sales Pricing. Provide us with your Expression of Interest on the web and be amongst the successful owners of One Pearl Bank right today!

Things to consider prior to visiting the One Pearl Bank Showflat Gallery


It would be prudent to be aware of and also verify precisely the amount of CPF that can be used by you for purchasing One Pearl Bank, so as to maximize your savings for property investments in the future. In case you are not certain, get in touch with us and you’ll be advised by our sales team regarding how to use the CPF for buying condos.

Housing Loan

Get in touch with our Sales Team so as to contact our suggested and reliable panel bankers for assessing your loan.


Does the TDSR affect you? It is imperative to comprehend the bracket you are actually in. ABSD is going to vary depending on the number of properties you own as well as your citizenship.

Balloting System

It is imperative to comprehend the functioning of the Balloting System on the actual date of the launch.
Get registered right now so as to update yourself on the most recent information about the project. Allow your process to be shortened by coming in touch with our company’s Developer Sales Staff will provide you with a no-obligation meet up or discussion.


The contact form can be filled up by you and we are going to guide you to our committed and experienced Sales Team who will help you without any obligation whatsoever! Register soon (if possible, right now) so as to remain updated on the most recent information regarding the project. Otherwise, you may likewise come in touch with our company’s Developer Sales Staff for getting a non-obligation meet up or discussion which will aid in shortening your process.